Green Smoothie for migraines

green smoothie migraine 

One way I like to keep my family healthy is to feed them nourishing wholesome foods. It’s difficult to get my boys to eat veggies daily this is when I try to make a fresh fruit and vegetable smoothie.  It’s so easy to add a handful of kale here or handful of cumber there! Luckily I have a Blentec blender to make that possible. Years ago  my husband and I owned a few smoothie stores and before we sold our last store, we kept one of the back up blendtec commercial blender’s. The blender is over 10 years old, works great and still blending!

This is a green smoothie I made this week when my son got his migraines. I love refering to Juicing for for recipe ideas. She has a page dedicated to fruits and vegetable to help with migraine relief, click here to check it out!

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My little rant about my son’s migraine: This week my son got his migraines. His migraine cycle is off by one month, caught us off guard. Last weekend, he was complaining about feeling achy and nausous. He said his head felt heavy, but wasn’t sure if a migraine was coming because it felt different. Plus, in the past his migraine attack always occured in the middle of the night, with sharp sudden pain to his temples and eyes, followed by severe vommiting. My poor son would get so sick and dehydrated that his first two days are just plain miserable. His migraines are debilitating, he is out for about seven days. His neurologist says there are many forms of migraines, his falls under cyclical migraines because he gets them once every three months, always in the middle of the month and middle of the night – kinda like a woman’s menstrual cycle.  Strange as that may sound, we’ve looked into many things including the cycle of the moon, atmospheric pressure and of course diet. Anyhow, luckily for my son, he only experiences migraines about four times a year, not weekly or monthly like some other migraine suffers. 

This time around his migraine attack was not as debilitating, still bad enough to stay home but NO vommiting!!!  This is huge progress because he would get so sick on his first day from vommiting that he would be severely dehydrated. Believe me over the last 11 years we’ve tried every from massage, chiropractic care, all different types of diet (elimination diet, candida diet, gluten free diet, etc.), heavy duty pharmeceutical drugs, and even herbal rememdies. Migraines are a mystery, everyone has different triggers and different ways of coping with them. What works for one person may not work for another, it’s just trial and error. But it sucks big time to see a child (especially your own child) suffer. I just feel so bad not only for my son, but for other migraine suffers because it is difficult to live a normal life when you have a migraine attack. Everything is literally put on hold! We’ve learned as a family how to cope with it. My son gets down and depressed at times because he misses alot of school, activities and once he had migraine attack on his 10th birthday and needed to reschedule his party! I tell my son not to let that bring him down because on the bright side when the migraine attack is over, he is healthy and strong. He gets to be that bright young vibrant handsome boy!

Do you suffer from migraines? If so, what works for you?

what are your favorite green smoothies?



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  1. Looks great! I’ve been in the habit of making smoothies with plain yogurt or almond milk, but I want to get away from the dairy or almond base. Coconut water is a great idea!
    Laura @ Mommy Run Fast recently posted…Sugar Detox Challenge- Round TwoMy Profile

  2. My mom gets debilitating migraines and next one, I am going to make her a smoothie. Thanks for the great information and so very sorry your poor boy suffers from them. They are horrible and I can only imagine the pain it causes you too because we do suffer when our babies suffer. That is for sure and it sounds like you have tried literally everything. Ok, this one is WAY OUT THERE, but my husband has had huge relief from Tinitis with cranial sacral therapy. It is completely non invasive. I know alot of people go to these kinds of therapists for migraines. Read about it and if you want me to ask his therapist for a referral in your area we will because she teaches it and trains people in it around the country and probably has a connection in your area.
    Geni recently posted…My Bright Orange Life Saver {Carrot and Poppy Seed Bundt Cake with Honey Cream Cheese Icing}My Profile

  3. What a great and healthy trick!
    yummychunklet recently posted…TwD: Baking Almond Biscotti with Julia (Rewind!)My Profile

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