No Bake PB Protein Balls dipped in Cocoa Powder

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I get asked by my clients as to what is an easy portable snack that doesn’t require refrigeration. Well, you are in luck my friend, I have just the snack for you! Plus is contains at least three (3) heart healthy food ingredients.  
This snack is  super easy and requires no baking and the best part, my kids can make these too! As I was typing up this post, I got Courtney‘s eamil on her most recent blog post, ”No Bake Energy Bites“. I had to laugh, what are the chances of us posting similar recipes on the same day! :)  
My kids LOVE them in their school lunches, but I make sure I use sunflower seed nut butter since they have classmates that are allergic to peanuts. If you don’t have protein powder on hand you can always use powdered milk or just add more oatmeal or nutritional boosts like flax meal or chia seeds.
I’ll put a couple of the balls in a small container or snack size zip lock bag and throw it in my purse for a quick snack on the go! Warning, these are addicting and you have to be mindful of your portions, one pb protein ball is about 80 calories. Scroll down below to see the nutritional analysis.
What snacks do you like to throw in your purse or gym bag?
Reminder: February is national Heart month, I’ll be posting recipes this month using the symbol in the ingredient list that is on the 40 heart healthy foods list.
No Bake Peanut Butter Protein Balls
Servings: ~ 48/ Serving Size: 1 pb protein ball = 1 Tbsp
Weight Watcher points plus: 2
Calories: 80/Protein: 4 g/Fat: 3 g/ Carbs: 10 g/Fiber:1 g
1 c dry rolled oats, old fashioned 
1 c. vanilla whey protein powder {powdered milk or your favorite protien powder works well too}
1 c. honey
1 c. natural peanut butter, unsalted or your favorite seed/nut butter
1/4 cup of flax meal, chia seeds, wheat germ, hemp seeds or your favorite nutritional boost ♥ (I used 1/4 cup chia seeds today)
optional: roll them in your favorite spices and powders: such as ground cinnamon, ground ginger or cocoa powder
1. In a medium bowl, add all the ingredients and mix well until combined. 
2. Shape into round balls using a tablespoon or a small Good Grips scoop to form uniform round shaped balls. Place the balls on a plate cover and refrigerate.
3. Before you refrigerate or freeze: dip the peanut butter protein balls in cocoa powder or cinnamon. It’s even good dipped in melted milk chocolate or white chocolate, but my favorite is to eat them as is.
TIP: I like to make a big batch, I line them up on a cookie sheet, stick in the freezer for about 30 minutes or so. Transfer into a ziplock bag, date and label with a sticker and put them back into the freezer. It stays good for up to a month or so, any longer and might get that freezer burn taste.
 Nutritional Analysis for one tablespoon or 1 round ball dipped in cocoa powder: 80 calories/ protein: 4 g/ total carbs: 10 g/ dietary fiber: 1 g/ sugars: 6 g/ total fat: 3 g/ saturated fat: 0.5 g/ cholesterol: 1 mg/ sodium: 18 mg
% Daily Values based on a 2,000 calorie adult diet: 6 % manganese/ calcium: 2%/ iron: 2%/ phosphorus: 2%/ B1: 1%/ B2: 1%/ magnesium: 1%/ zinc: 1%/ copper: 1%/ selenium: 1%
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21 Responses to No Bake PB Protein Balls dipped in Cocoa Powder

  1. I love these! I need to make some – so that I can have these instead of candy bars! :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. My daughter will love these as much as I do! She’s running so much with school, work and all her activities that she’s having a hard time getting healthy food on the run. She’s coming home next weekend and I think we’ll make these together for her to take back (and double the batch for me!)

  3. I was wondering what the fat content was per serving. I didn’t see that in your nutritional analysis. Thanks. I can’t wait to try it!

  4. Oopsie! I just saw that there is another nutritional breakdown above the recipe. I only saw the one underneath before. Sorry!

    • Hi Deb, thanks for commenting and bringing it to my attention. I fixed it. Sometimes I’m in a hurry when I type my posts! You should make these and enter my lululemon bag giveaway! Have a great weekend!

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  8. Love these! Always have them in my freezer now! Great for a quick snack and to stick in the hubby’s lunch box! Mine turned out to be 140 calories a piece per 1 tbsp ball…I used Muscle Milk protein powder vanilla.