How to Pack a Healthy Lunch Box

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School lunch 2014 

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  3. How to Pack a School Lunch Kids Will Eat
  4. How to Meal Plan using the Brainstorming Chart 
  5. School Lunch Recipe Ideas  
Chicken Rice Soup with Heart              Cheese cut out into my son’s name
Shaped Carrots                                         5 seed crackers, strawberries, &
                                                                     dried apple rings
Vito Sandwich                                     Low Carb sandwich (mommy’s favorite!)
Mexican inspired                                 Tortellini pasta salad


PB & B waffle sandwich             Hard Boiled eggs


Strawberry spinach salad          Turkey-cheese Sub


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10 Responses to How to Pack a Healthy Lunch Box

  1. Hi, friend! I just stumbled across this site while looking up salsa+yogurt dip recipes on Google (this was the first returned entry–congrats!). I have to say I’m floored by this site and can’t wait to be a regular visitor. I’m comparing your creations and health conscience to that of Hungry Girl. Keep up the creativity and hardcore cooking!

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  5. THanks for all the great ideas! These are adorable!

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