Lunch Box

Need some inspiration for healthy school lunch?

Check out my posts on School Lunch Series:

Chicken Rice Soup with Heart              Cheese cut out into my son’s name
Shaped Carrots                                         5 seed crackers, strawberries, &
                                                                     dried apple rings
Vito Sandwich                                     Low Carb sandwich (mommy’s favorite!)
Mexican inspired                                 Tortellini pasta salad


PB & B waffle sandwich             Hard Boiled eggs


Strawberry spinach salad          Turkey-cheese Sub

For more ideas on School Lunch Recipes check out Family Fresh Cooking



8 Responses to Lunch Box

  1. Hi, friend! I just stumbled across this site while looking up salsa+yogurt dip recipes on Google (this was the first returned entry–congrats!). I have to say I’m floored by this site and can’t wait to be a regular visitor. I’m comparing your creations and health conscience to that of Hungry Girl. Keep up the creativity and hardcore cooking!

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  5. THanks for all the great ideas! These are adorable!

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