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What’s SUP Detroit!!!


sup yoga me a

How is your summer going? I’m enjoying my summer. This past May I attended Lori Harder’s Bliss Project in Chicago, to meet like minded women (stay tuned as I’ll share my experience soon). I’m really listening to that inner voice this summer and venturing out to try new things in life, even if that means going out of my comfort zone.

Speaking of trying new things! I totally went out of my comfort zone…. I tried SUP yoga for the first time! SUP yoga, stands for stand up yoga on a paddle board.  Now, I love yoga and have pretty good balance and coordination but mind you doing it on a paddle board, well now that is a whole nother level of challenge! I had to over come my fear of deep water, especially in open water. Thankfully Walled Lake is pretty shallow lake so the few times I fell in, the water was knee deep!

Doing yoga on a paddle board really requires you to let go of wanting to do everything perfet, you have to let go of that control because at any moment there can be a small current or just slightly being off center on the board changes everything and then I’m in the water! Huffington Post has an article on 10 Reasons You Should Try Yoga on a Stand UP Paddle Board.

I have to say my favorite pose was the Savasana pose (corpse pose). It felt great to lay down on the paddle board, the waves were calm the morning sun was shining and it was so peaceful! I would definitely reccommend this workout. My core and upper body were sore, I used new muscles that I have used in awhile!

Here are a few pictures of my SUP yoga experience!

sup yoga boards

sup yoga truck sup yoga lake

Here is a link to That’s was SUP for more information on class times and cost.

sup yoga sign


Right next door is a cute small functional fitness studio, called Function of Fitness. I only got a picture of the first half of the studio, the other half had kettle bells, ropes and more. I hope to try a few classes this summer!

Before I forget, I’m participating with Bikini Booty Club as their Nutrition Coach for the Fit and Fierce in 30 Days Challenge from July 1st to July 30th. For more info, check out this link and if you want to register, click “fill out my form“.  Become a fan of BBC on FaceBook to find out more information and to see day to day before and after pictures of some awesome transformations!

sup yoga fxn fitness studio

Have you tried yoga? How about SUP yoga? What is your favorite yoga pose on or off the board? 

Smoothie Time! { #TeacherAppreciation 2014}

smoothie pom berry a
This year for Teacher Appreciation Week, the SLT (school leadership) wanted to do something different and fun for the teachers and staff. One of the SLT moms approached me with this idea of serving fresh fruit smoothies. Well, she came to the right person because I know a thing or two about smoothies (hint: I use to own Tropical Squeeze Smoothies in several malls in the Metro Detroit Area).
 smoothie teacher collage
I made a total of 45 some fresh fruit smoothies. The teachers and staff got to choose from Pom-Berry Blend, Carrot Mango Tango, or Sunshine Burst smoothies. They even had the choice of adding extra’s such as: Fruyo vanilla yogurt, protein powder, flax seed meal, chia seeds, and/or hemp seeds!
smoothie sunshine

Sunshine Boost Smoothie

Some of you maybe thinking,”are teachers worth these kinds of tributes?” Hmm, you bet!  How many of you can remember a teacher who made a difference in your life?   So let the teacher appreciation festivities begin. Roll out the special snacks (don’t forget the silly puns), place beautiful flowers on their desks, send them special notes, and host a fancy lunch. They most certainly deserve it.

Carrot mango tango smoothie

Do you have a special teacher you remember? Tell us your story in the comments section below! 
Lisa’s Pom-Berry Blend smoothie
Serving size: 8 fluid ounces / Servings: 2
Weight Watcher Pts: 4
Calories: 145 / protein: 1 g / fat: 0 g/ carbs: 36 g/ fiber: 3 g / sugars: 28
8 ounces POM Wonderful 100% pomegranate juice
1 cup blueberries (I used frozen)
1 cup strawberries (I used frozen)
a few ice cubes, depending on how thick you like your smoothie
Add the ingredients into a high powered blender, such as a Blend-tec. Turn the power button on and blend until smooth. Pour into your favorite cup and enjoy! :)


Green Smoothie for migraines

green smoothie migraine 

One way I like to keep my family healthy is to feed them nourishing wholesome foods. It’s difficult to get my boys to eat veggies daily this is when I try to make a fresh fruit and vegetable smoothie.  It’s so easy to add a handful of kale here or handful of cumber there! Luckily I have a Blentec blender to make that possible. Years ago  my husband and I owned a few smoothie stores and before we sold our last store, we kept one of the back up blendtec commercial blender’s. The blender is over 10 years old, works great and still blending!

This is a green smoothie I made this week when my son got his migraines. I love refering to Juicing for for recipe ideas. She has a page dedicated to fruits and vegetable to help with migraine relief, click here to check it out!

                                                     * * * * *   * * * * *   * * * * *

My little rant about my son’s migraine: This week my son got his migraines. His migraine cycle is off by one month, caught us off guard. Last weekend, he was complaining about feeling achy and nausous. He said his head felt heavy, but wasn’t sure if a migraine was coming because it felt different. Plus, in the past his migraine attack always occured in the middle of the night, with sharp sudden pain to his temples and eyes, followed by severe vommiting. My poor son would get so sick and dehydrated that his first two days are just plain miserable. His migraines are debilitating, he is out for about seven days. His neurologist says there are many forms of migraines, his falls under cyclical migraines because he gets them once every three months, always in the middle of the month and middle of the night – kinda like a woman’s menstrual cycle.  Strange as that may sound, we’ve looked into many things including the cycle of the moon, atmospheric pressure and of course diet. Anyhow, luckily for my son, he only experiences migraines about four times a year, not weekly or monthly like some other migraine suffers. 

This time around his migraine attack was not as debilitating, still bad enough to stay home but NO vommiting!!!  This is huge progress because he would get so sick on his first day from vommiting that he would be severely dehydrated. Believe me over the last 11 years we’ve tried every from massage, chiropractic care, all different types of diet (elimination diet, candida diet, gluten free diet, etc.), heavy duty pharmeceutical drugs, and even herbal rememdies. Migraines are a mystery, everyone has different triggers and different ways of coping with them. What works for one person may not work for another, it’s just trial and error. But it sucks big time to see a child (especially your own child) suffer. I just feel so bad not only for my son, but for other migraine suffers because it is difficult to live a normal life when you have a migraine attack. Everything is literally put on hold! We’ve learned as a family how to cope with it. My son gets down and depressed at times because he misses alot of school, activities and once he had migraine attack on his 10th birthday and needed to reschedule his party! I tell my son not to let that bring him down because on the bright side when the migraine attack is over, he is healthy and strong. He gets to be that bright young vibrant handsome boy!

Do you suffer from migraines? If so, what works for you?

what are your favorite green smoothies?



Dark chocolate covered frozen berries


chocolate covered frozen berries

I’ve been on a dark chocolate kick lately! There are some heart health benefits to eating dark chocolate (not milk chocolate or white chocolate).  Dark chocolate contains cocoa solids called flavonoids. Epicatechin is particularly the active compounds from the flavonoid family. Cacao beans are a source of this  powerful antioxidant. 

Here is an article from WebMD  that talks about a study of 21 adults divided into two groups. One group ate 1.6 ounce bar of Dove Dark Chocolate bar everyday for two weeks. The other group ate 1.6 ounce bar of dark chocolate but the flavonoids were taken out! The end result, those who got the full-flavonoid chocolate showed a significant difference on how well their blood vessels dilated and relaxed, which is great news because it indicates they have healthy blood vessel function. The researchers from this study credited  epicatechin, from the cacao bean, flowing through the arteries to help keep blood vessels healthy. 


You can find a variety of dark chocolate stocked up in my freezer. I have a few brands that I stock up on, such as Lindt Excellence chocolates, Ghirardelli chocolates and IsaDelights Plus chocolates. I usually just buy what’s on sale or splurge on a specialty chocolate, just depends on my mood.

I only buy dark chocolate that is 70% or higher in cacao. The dark chocolate that is 90% cacao is my favorite. I like to pair it with walnuts or almonds for a quick snack!


I also like Ghirardelli brand chocolates – perfect for making brownies or other baked goods.


 I recently discovered Isagenix chocolates, called IsaDelight Plus. The IsaDelights are infused with green tea and other wonderful ingredients.They  are sold in a box of 30 individually packed chocolate squares. isadelightplus

 There are other brands that I like to buy.  You can find a variety of chocolate brands at this site, click here.  

Okay, so back to my dark chocolate snack obsession. Today I made chocolate covered frozen berries for my afternoons snack and I’m totally in love with this heart healthy snack! 

one dark chocolate square ( I used IsaDelight Plus)
1/4 cup of Costco frozen triple berry blend
I took one IsaDelight chocolate square ( you can use any brand of chocolate) and melt in a microwave safe bowl for about 45 seconds. I took about 1/3 cup of frozen mixed berries and added it to the melted chocolate. I mixed it up until all the chocolate covered the frozen berries. You kind of have to do this part quickly because the frozen berries will harden the melted chocolate. You can eat them right away or put them back into the freezer and eat for later.

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What I Ate Wednesday!


Happy Wednesday! You know what that means, Im linking up over at Peas and Crayons for  What I ate Wednesday! Thanks Jen for hosting!

This is a sample of what I ate today. Nothing exciting, actually kinda boring!  I normally like to eat real wholesome foods but I bought a few Isagenix products for those days when I’m busy or didn’t get a chance to prep my food.  Today I really just wanted to sleep all day and do nothing since it was cold and damp kind of day! Spring will you ever come to Michigan?

5:00am Cleanse for Life tea before I trained my 5:30am clients. Luckily I get to work from home :)

6:30am Breakfast : I had 2 mini broccoli quiche (#2) with 1/3 cup of rolled oats with cinnamon and one small apple. Get kids ready for school and get ready for a long day!

9:30 am snack: IsaLean Fiber snack (#6) -  1 bar. Trained clients from 10am to 12:30pm .

12:30pm Lunch:  IsaLean vanilla shake with salad (#1). Errands, computer work with online clients, did a quick 30 minute upper body workout at home gym, and picked up my son from school.

3:30 snack: Chocolate covered frozen berries  (#4) in IsoDelight Plus chocolate (#5). Help kids with homework, housework, other fun housewife stuff!

6:30pm: Crock pot rosemary infused chicken (#3) with red skinned potatoes (will post recipe soon) and steamed broccoli (not pictured).

8:30pm - 30 minutes of StairMaster while quizzing my first grader on his spelling words and quizzed him in addition and subtraction. Luckily I have a StairMaster in my bedroom so I can multi-task!

9:30pm 1 cup of hot Cleanse for Life tea in bed catching up on some of my favorite shows.

Bed around 10:30pm.

What did you eat today?

Do you use meal replacement shakes or bars?